Quick Fixes to Protein Shake Problems

Isn’t it the worst when you whip up a protein shake and it totally does not make you moan?

Too slushy, not rich enough, not tart enough, too sweet, and kind of blah are common protein shake problems, but not to worry!

With a few little tweaks and tricks, you can easily transform a sub-standard shake into the moan-worthy creation you were hoping for!

We all have different tastebuds, preferences, and needs, so here is a list of tricks, just for you. 🙂

Taste Fixes

The flavor doesn’t make you moan:

  • Add a bit of stevia or honey and taste it again
  • Add a pinch of high quality salt (my favorite trick – it works wonders!)
  • Add a capfull of vanilla
  • Spice it up with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, etc.
  • Add a squeeze of lemon (to fruity shakes)
  • Check the expiration date of all ingredients

It’s not chocolatey enough:

  • Use water as the base instead of milk
  • Add more cacao/cocoa

It’s too chocolatey (is that possible? ;):

  • Use your favorite milk (almond milk, coconut milk, raw milk) as a base
  • Use less cacao or cocoa

You dislike the taste of stevia:

  • Use honey (preferably raw)
  • Use dates (put in a bowl with hot water to soften first, if your blender isn’t very powerful)
  • Add half of a very ripe or frozen banana to sweeten
  • Try a different brand of stevia

Your chocolate shake tastes bitter:

  • Use cocoa instead of cacao
  • Add a bit more stevia, honey, dates, or half a frozen banana to sweeten it up

Texture and Quantity

It’s too icy/slushy/not creamy enough:

  • Start with less ice. You can always add more.
  • Blend in a little avocado, banana, egg, mango, or pear, depending on if you’re having a fruity or chocolatey shake.

It’s too thick:

  • Add more water or your favorite milk (almond milk, coconut milk, raw milk)

The shake is too big and you’re getting too full:

  • Use less liquid and ice. You’ll have a smaller, thicker, and more flavourful shake.


If your shake doesn’t keep you satisfied for long enough:

  • Add protein in the form of organic, pastured eggs or a high quality protein powder,
  • Add fats such as avocado, coconut cream, nuts, or nut butter.
  • Add complex carbohydrates like roasted/steamed sweet potato, pumpkin, or oats.

If your shake makes you feel bloated or gassy:

  • Try omitting an ingredient that may have caused the indigestion. Possible offenders could be egg, nuts, milks, protein powder, chocolate (sob), etc. Omit/swap one ingredient at a time and take note how you feel.

You want to add more immunity boosting and super foods to your shake:

  • Add a bit of fresh ginger, turmeric, leafy greens, citrus fruits, goji berries, spirulina, maca, blueberries, etc.
  • Add fermented drinks such as kefir and kombucha.

Happy blending!

If you enjoy these tips & tricks, please share the love. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


  • Carol says:

    My protein smoothies are too fluffy. I would rather them be dense and icy. What do you recommend?
    I love your tips. I look forward to learning more.

    • Andrea Barkley says:

      Hi Carol! My apologies for the delay in this reply! My guess is you’re using whey protein! Whey always makes for a really fluffy shake. I’d try a plant based blend, like RawFusion or Sunwarrior! Those are my current two favorite brands.

  • priscilla says:

    i am looking for a meal replacement protein shake that is not thick, what do you recommend?

    • Andrea Barkley says:

      Hi Priscilla! I’d use a little more liquid and less ice to get the consistency you’re looking for! Happy Moaning! 🙂

  • Rachel says:

    My protein shakes are always too sweet and I am not sure how to make them less sweet.

    • Andrea Barkley says:

      Hi Rachel! I’m so sorry for the delay in my reply! My favorite tricks for less sweet shakes is to add either a dash of quality salt (like Celtic or pink Himalayan), a little lemon juice, or even a little apple cider vinegar. The last two tricks only work with fruity shakes! Try the salt for chocolate shakes. Also, you can find unsweetened protein powder! SunWarrior, Udder Bliss, and I believe Vega all have unsweetened varieties! I hope this helps! Thank you for reaching out.

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