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I’ll show you how to create creamy and decadent concoctions that are protein packed and guilt-free.

let’s do this!

“Mmmmm…Black Bean Brownie shake for breakfast… SO yummy. Thanks for the inspiration. 12 lbs down and still ‘moaning’!”

“Had the sweet potato pie shake after my workout today. I had to share with my little begging children, though. Love, love, love when we all get delicious nutrition!”

“My 3 year old and I just enjoyed a chocolate peanut butter shake a la Andrea Barkley. Lovely!”

“Had the sweet potato smoothie tonight. Wow is that good. Almost feel guilty having it!”

“You know, I know the point isn’t meal replacement, but I’ve actually been using your shakes as that for dinner for the last couple of weeks. I lost four pounds doing that.”

“I made my first smoothie today…Mmmmmmmmm!”

“Strawberry smoothie this morning. My first raw eggs. I feel all brave and Rocky-like. Oh, and it was delicious. Liking you lots right now :)”

“Got your book yesterday!!! Love it!!!”

“I had the blueberry cheesecake this morning. YUM!! BTW – my sister ordered 2 copies from Amazon!”

“I should have taken a picture of my kids on Sunday, each with a straw cup having their shakes on the way to church. Chocolate peanut butter banana, Strawberry, & I had the Sweet Potato. I have turned into a short-order protein shake chef, but it’s totally worth it to give my family such healthy breakfasts!! Thanks again!!!”

“Just wanted you to know I am sitting outside on my patio watching my children play & having a scrumptious Pumpkin Mocha shake. What a way to start a new day!! Thanks!!”

“We literally cannot WAIT to try every single one of these recipes out. I’m truly excited. We read the whole book and my husband is intrigued ;)”